Laundrytap Customer Log On


View Machine Availabilty

Laundrytap laundromat customers no longer have to go down to the laundry room and find out if there are available washers or dryers, They can use the customer log in with the LAUNDRYTAP PORTAL and view real time machine availability.

Text Notification When Wash is Complete

Laundrytap System allows you to log in and receive notification via text message once your laundry load is complete. 

Card Balance

Laundrytap card balance is available to view right from your smart phone. No need to visit the Laundry room to check your card balance.

View Purchase History

Laundrytap customers can also view their purchase history. 

Important Log in Instructions

  • In order to log on please use the ten digit number printed on the back of your Laundrytap Card.
  • If your are unable to log on make sure your card has ten digits, if there are only 9 digits please add the digit 0 (zero) at the front end of your card number to log on.